Have you ever put room temperature personal lubricant on your partner and immediately heard “That’s Freezing!”?

Have you ever had a freezing intimate moment?

My partner and I have experienced both for many years.

We tried warming up the bottles under running hot water in the sink. We tried the microwave. What a waste of time and effort, not to mention it being a big turn off when we are ready to jump in bed.

“Wait a second Honey while I get the tube of lube warm.”

“Hey Sweetie, I’m still trying to get the bottle warm. Can you wait?”

So we decided to do something about it. We created Inspire™ to warm up and dispense personal sex lubricants from small packets.

How to warm personal lube:

  • Put a UniTube™ inside Inspire™
  • Close it, turn on Inspire™, and do ‘something else’ for a couple minutes
  • Open the UniTube™ using the tab and press out warm lube on the spot you want warm.

After many years of hearing, “That’s Freezing!”, I’m pleased to now be able to say, “It’s better warm!” Use Inspire™ to warm your personal sex lube.